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Christephania Kipper Oracle Cards

While the basics of the classic Kipper have been preserved, much has been modernized and the symbolism expanded in such a way that the images allow us to delve into deep levels of spiritual aspects, as previously known from the tarot. The texts in the booklet explain the complexity of the images. They show the potential and possibilities for every question and show ways to help yourself.

The unusual, imaginative collages of these cards catch the eye and captivate the viewer. They invite us to dive into the world of symbolism and connect with our intuition. The images are magical, mystical and take us into dream-like scenarios. The artist Christephania, who has been dealing with the Kipper cards for many years, has created a modern relaunch of the traditional Biedermeier cards with the design of this card deck. 

Königsfurt-Urania, 36 cards, High-quality box with magnetic closure, 112-page accompanying book
ISBN 978-3868267846
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