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portrait of artist, author and intuitive life coach Christiane Neumann

Artist, Author & Intuitive Life Coach

Christiane Neumann combines her mediumship and creativity with her talent for languages. While she used to break through the language barriers of people speaking other languages as a translator, she has been translating card images into speech for many years in order to use her knowledge and skills to show other people their true potential, to identify their fears, blockages, patterns and behavioral strategies and to find solutions to problems. 

As an artist, she made the step into digital art as early as 2001 and has also conducted seminars for creative image design in this area. Christiane is the author of various books, author and designer of the top seller “Christephania Kipper” and the “Christephania Love Oracle”. Under the name Christephania she offers intuitive consultations and life coaching sessions as well as seminars for intuitive card reading and other topics within the range of life enrichment. You find her coaching and seminar business as well as editions of the above mentioned oracle card sets on her coaching website. (

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